In this project I ventured into the world of online dating in New York City.  My first date went well,  we strolled through the streets of the west village. Before I could comprehend the moment, my date insisted on gifting me a plant. I found it all quite amusing and let him flatter me with his gifts. However, after the date communication suddenly became shorter and shorter until, eventually, it just ended. I never saw him again, but the plant remains perched on my windowsill. The gifted plant left me questioning the impact of online dating on human connections.

With my camera as my tool for assigning value to experiences, I embarked on a journey to capture the essence of each suitor I encountered through objects they left behind. These items represent the commodification of human connection in modern romance, and the accompanying receipts underscore the transactional nature of online courtships. "GONE FISHING" is a part of my exploration into the dynamics of online presentations, sparking conversations about personalities, desires, and behaviors in the digital realm.


Instillation Images
Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries
New York, NY
May 2023